Street Photography--Egg Days

Winlock held its annual Egg Days which started around 1923. They serve free egg salad sandwiches all day and have a parade in the morning. In the 1950's it was the 2nd largest egg producer in the usa.

This egg has been in this place since around 1923.  It was originally 12 feet across so I am sure not if it is the original.
Here is one of the many concrete and ceramic roosters through the city.  They have to place them in the huge concrete pedestals to keep them from being stolen.  BTW, the colors and the No. 12 are in reference to the 12th man (The Fans) mania of the Seattle Seahawks (american) football team.
Building is fairly much abandoned from its original purpose about 60 years ago.  Winlock was once the Egg capital of Washington state and was the 2nd largest egg producer in the usa.  It started to decline in the late 1950's or early 1960's.
People finding places to view the parade which is expected soon.  This is the original fire station built in 1914 and now a museum of the former EGG capital of Washington in better days.  City is like a lot of places where buildings are empty and people have abandoned them hopefully for better places.
People are filing in to the city center looking for a place to view the upcoming parade for Egg Days.
People lining up along side the street finding their favorite place for the parade.  It started to rain before the parade started so we left.
My first car as a teenager was a 1954 Ford however it was a 2 door sedan and not nearly as nice looking as this Skyliner.  I sanded and painted it twice, added new upholstery and rebuilt the carburetor otherwise the engine was solid.  The car above was not totally original since it had Offenhauser head covers on the engine.
The Plymouth was about the same vintage as the car above.  My friend had one similar to it and in the winter time we used to find large areas of water in the strawberry fields which had frozen over.  We would load up the car with other kids and get a run at the ice and then crank the wheel to start out-of-control spins across the length of frozen pond.  It held up well and nothing ever happened however I am not sure my Ford would have survived when we would hit the frozen dirt on the other end.
The guy in the car earned the "dumb egg" award with this stunt.  The wind shield is totally blown out so he and his girl friend are wearing helmets and the motorcycle cop is discussing it with the driver.  From the conversation, it appears they knew each other and the cop told him when the parade was over he would come out and finish this discussion.  All the driver said was "Can I go now?".
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