This image took an unusual path to the finished product.  It was an Infrared of of a Red Leaf lettuce going to seed in the same container as a Foxglove plant.  The normal IR workflow did not show a decent image so I converted it to Black and White.  It is a much better picture.
View of Mt Rainier in early spring with plenty of snow looking to the NW
This is a view of a tributary going into the Columbia river.  It is an area where things have been left to decay since they no long have logging operations here.  The logging operations are upstream where they load ocean going vessels with the logs now.
I waited for 1-2 months to get a good image of this foal, now way bigger than when I first saw him.  He was always laying on the ground like a "sack of potatoes" every time I went by until today.
Fox Glove found on creek bank overlooking the stream
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